Complete webpages

Your internet presence is an important way for you to communicate with your customers.

XIDA GmbH creates professional webpages at favourable conditions, from start to finish.

Our knowledge / services:

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Implemenation of the page (with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and mySQL)
  • Integration of a CMS
  • Adding your content
  • Integration of an online shop

Of course, we also support you after the initial creation of the webpage, whether you have any questions, any problems or you want to update the content.

Homepage creation – Our services for corporations


Creativity as per your instructions

We create an expressive design, just the way you want it.

For example we can create the design according to your existing print material.

Limit costs

According to prior agreement of all the details of your webpage we send you a detailed fixed price offer. Therefore you will not get any unexpected surprises with the costs.

After the initial project is done you can add content to the page yourself. Of course you can also contract us to do so. Furthermore we can intruct your employees to update the content.

Wordpress and Social Media
Wordpress and Social Media

Integration of social networks

No matter if it’s about google+, twitter, linkedin or facebook. We create interfaces to your webpage.

That way news from your webpage will automatically show up on social media websites.

User friendly content management system

We integrate WordPress into your webpage. With that you can easily change texts, images and video.

You can also test the CMS in advance. Simply contact us.

Tailored to your needs

We take your special wishes and requirements into consideration and expand the programming of the CMS accordingly.

Shop Systems
Shop Systems

Sell online

We program your online shop.

For that we use existing shop systems like XTCommerce or Magento and connect your preferred payment methods (credit card, Paypal…) to it.

Browser Compatibility
Browser Compatibility

Latest technologies

We use the latest Web 2.0 technologies like responsive Webdesign and HTML5 animations where appropriate.

Optimisation for mobile devices

A mobile webpage will automatically be created for smartphones and tablets.

That way it’s easy to use your webpage on the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Barrier-free webpages

Upon request we created barrier-free webpages.

Test on all browsers

We test your webpage on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and mobile browsers for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

That way we make sure that your page can be viewed without problems by all potential customers.

Browser Compatibility


Statistics and analysis

We connect your webpage to analytics systems like Google Analytics, Statcounter or Piwik Piwik.

Therefore you can get an update of your visitors at any time.


Search engine optimazitation

We will gladly optimize your webpage for your desired search terms.

We are also offering to do research to find out what terms people use to find your products and services on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Operating worldwide
Operating worldwide

Operating worldwide

Our headquarters are in Erlangen, Germany. But of course it doesn’t matter where in the world your company is located. We can create your webpage, no matter where you are. The handling of the project is then managed completely by E-Mail and phone.

Web Workflow
Web Workflow

Process of a successful project


  • You send us your logo, colors, the content and the elements for the menus. Of course you can also send us links to webpages you like.
  • Out of that we create a design in Adobe Photoshop for your webpage.


  • Now the design is implemented into a CMS.
  • All images and texts you delivered to us (digital) up to this point will also be added to the CMS.
  • After we test the webpage, we will put it online on a test webserver. Then you can check the page and tell us about any problems you might find.
  • With your approval, we will put the webpage on the target webserver (your webserver). The webpage is then online.

Webdesign Portfolio

Fahrrad Schreiber

Fahrrad Schreiber

Das Unternehmen legt in jeglicher Hinsicht wert darauf, immer auf dem neusten Stand zu sein. So wurde auch die Internetpräsenz nach kurzer Zeit erneuert und aufgefrischt.

Deusser Beratung

Deusser Beratung

Vorstellung der Unternehmensphilosophie und Leistungen von Andreas Deusser Beratung & Entwicklung.

Polenreisen Nürnberg


Der Wunsch nach einer neuen innovativen und übersichtlichen Seite, wurde mit Polenreisen im stetigen Austausch der Ideen und Wünschen umgesetzt.

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