Apple move to iOS app makes it easy to switch from Android


Move to iOS


In an effort to ease the transition of would-be iPhone owners who fear losing the contents of their Android devices, Apple made a simple tool to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Move to iOS works—even though it really doesn’t do anything at all. The phones find each other on your wifi, you’ll need to enter a pairing code on your Android device for security. From there, you select what you want to transfer. You want to transfer everything, obviously. Accounts, photos, contacts, texts, etc. It’s just a case of waiting for all your files and data to transfer over. However, Apple will say here that “some items were not copied, such as purchased apps or media” — implying that non-purchased apps were transfered. But that isn’t the case, at least not in this version of Move to iOS. You will have to manually install all your Android apps using Apple’s own App Store .