New trend: networked home appliances!

The new networked home appliances are units, which can receive/send data via the internet with information such as new operation modes and controlling the home management. So these units can be very comfortable and helpful in everyday life. 

German appliance maker Bosch is showcasing its own wide range of labor-saving devices at the IFA in Berlin this year.

1441994018_ic_local_laundry_service_48pxAmong the highlights are e.g. a refrigerator with a networked camera and new washing machines.

Some new fridges will be compatible with Bosch’s Home Connect. The fridges will have a camera inside that takes a snapshot every time the refrigerator door closes, and you can pull up a feed within Bosch’s app if, for example, you forget what food you have stocked while out shopping.

Washing machines:
Bosch’s Series 8 washing machines feature ActiveOxygen, a microbe-killing technology that the company claims kills up to 99.99 percent of bacteria on clothes.