New cars have internet access!

Nowadays more and more automakers add internet connectivity to cars. There are lots of reasons for doing this. First of all the internet is ubiquitous in our society, so  it´s only a matter of time, when the internet will be integrated in cars.

Another point is that the automaker can get information of the vehicle with this new technology; furthermore they can provide push over-the-air updates, and improve car safety.

Besides, automakers provide internet access in their cars to sell connected car products and services.
By 2020, revenues from connected services are expected to top $152 billion.

They’re offering different connected features in cars, e.g. entertainment apps such as Pandora, Yelp, and Facebook, also safety-management features such as road conditions and collision-avoidance.

This is a profit for customers because they don´t have to renounce internet access in the car any longer!