Difference of native/ hybrid app development!

Apps have had great popularity the last few years. The market is booming and new apps appear daily in app stores.

For developers, the question arises: how should I program an app?  cordova_bot

Initially you have to look if a native app or a hybrid app is desired.

Native apps:

  • they are designed and coded for a specific kind of device. For instance, iPhone apps are written in Objective-C or Swift, Android apps in Java, etc.
  • better quality because of a faster and more reliable functionality
  • can tap into the wider functionality of the device
  • comfortable for the user

But there are some negative aspects, too, e.g. programming is complex and you should have a higher budget for the developing.

Hybrid apps:

  • The bulk of the app is built using cross-compatible web technology (HTML 5, CSS ect.)
  • the apps are not as fast as native apps
  • combines different rudiments
  • cheaper/ faster viable

That depends entirely on you. There is no one-size-fits-all, perfect answer. Finding the right app for you may be challenging. Consider what your main goals are and what your audience needs. Research your options and get a great developer.