Tinder use in Windows

Tinder enjoys  great popularity. Tinder is a mobile dating portal, whereby the user can meet other people in the proximity.
A Tinder account can be created with a Fecabook profile and the flirting can begin!

Our new App, Wifi Keyboard, allows you to use Tinder from Windows / Mac / Linux.

It provides more simple and faster typing for long conversations.

The advantage, in contrast to other solutions is that you can use the app simultaneously from the PC and iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).


  1. Install Wifi Keyboard.
  2. Follow the instructions in the app to set up the keyboard.
  3. Open the Tinder App.
  4. Switch the keyboards till the wireless keyboard is displayed:
  5. wifikeyboard_whatsapp_03

  6. The wireless keyboard allows you to see the IP address, which you need to enter into your Windows / Mac / Linux web browser:
  7. wifikeyboard_whatsapp_01


  8. Now you can easily tap from the browser and the text will automatically appear in Tinder.