DHL is testing “Smart Glasses” and Augmented Reality


dhlDHL is venturing into completely new areas:
In a 3-weeks pilot experiment, DHL is testing smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) applications in one of its logistic centers in the Netherlands.
The aim is to find out whether the commissioning could be streamlined or not.
To do this, employees got all the necessary information about their smart glasses, E.g. where the item is located in the warehouse or how often the item is needed. Thus, employees could be free and working with both hands at work in the camp.

Here is the result of the experiment:

  • employees properly focused on work
  • efficiency increase up to 25%
  • easy handling and high productivity
  • more value for customers
  • more projects in this area

Smart glasses will be increasingly used in business sections and there will be more useful applications!