WhatsApp is also available for computers

The time has come: last year in december it was a rumor,  but now WhatsApp is officially available for your web browser.

“The web client is basically an extension of your smart phone” – i.e. news will be transferred from your smart phone to your computer.


  1. install the app on your smart phone
  2. activate the internet connection on your smart phone to get the messages
  3. install the Google Chrome browser on your computer
  4. take a photograph of the QR-code that is shown on your browser with your smart phone

WhatsApp Web has advantages: you can write messages quicker with a keyboard and read the messages on a large display.

But the new feature has limitations too:

  1. the smart phone has to be constantly online
  2. the feature can only be used with the Google Chrome browser
  3. the feature isnĀ“t available for iPhone users

Nevertheless we have a solution for these problems. iPhone user can use our app, which works in every browser: http://www.xida.net/2015/01/08/whatsapp-use-in-windows/