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Stand out with your event booth

Multimedia should not be missing from any event booth. Nothing attracts visitors more to your booth than huge displays with animations and videos of your products. That way you can explain your products and services fast and easy. Look around at the big events of your industry / trade. You will not find that a single one of the big companies is not using multimedia as their marketing strategy. Of course this is not only an interest for big companies, but also for small and medium-sized businesses. Do you want to present your products / services on an event but you don’t know how it should look? Then you are at the right place. We will think about the best possible way to showcase your products and services and create an appealing multimedia application. Do you already have a presentation for your products / services and you want us to create an application out of it? In this case, we consider a concept together with you to bring your products and services closer to your customers. For example, we can create a touch application out of your presentation.

Internally developed applications

We are an experienced provider of event services for event-applications, event-presentations and event-equipment. We create applications for Windows, Android and iPad. We put special emphasis on usability and appealing design.

Custom design

We design applications according to your specifications or we create a new user interface individually tailored for your products and services.

3D visualizations

We can also create complex 3d models / animations of your products which will be shown on huge displays and attract customers to your event booth. 3D models of your products can be created long before you have finished the final product. That way you can give fairgoers a great and realistic first impression of your products.

Single- and Multitouch

Our applications can be easily used via touch. Combined with a sophisticated and intuitive user guidance, your customer can learn about your products in a playful way. Furthermore your sales people can use the application together with the customer. That creates a pleasant combination of personal discussion and presentation of your products and services.

Flexible content

The applications can be filled with existing Powerpoint presentations, illustrations of your products, brochures, videos / image-videos or content created by us. We can also create a direct connection to your webpage / CMS to get the content that way.

Latest technical extensions

We also connect your application with technologies like kinect / leapmotion to control your application with gestures. Or we connect it with light controls, That way we can change the ambient lightning to fit the mood of the application’s content. Of course there are a lot more connections possible to perfectly integrate the application into your event booth.

Co-operation with your booth builder

We also talk to the people responsible for your event booth and solve everything necessary to integrate the application (like cabling and storage of the hardware).

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